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Scholarshint is business education, business growth, and investment education/management company.

ScholarHint is established to provide answers to so many business questions people have, proffer solutions to business problems, and solve business challenges with real-life business practices and experiences. We hope to overcome people’s struggles by engaging them in practical and proven financial systems that will suit their budgets and ensure their financial freedom. Undoubtedly, we can’t make a meaningful change if we fail to achieve and be in the right mindset. 

ScholarHint, intends to get you in the right mindset by taking you through a well-planned program that will suit you for a period of time. Statistics have it that 6 out of every 10 businesses fail within five years of its startup. It is at this background that NewJobMag has invested and is still investing so many resources in researching and creating business training programs that will equip its clients with the right advantage to initiate and run their businesses successfully. 

With a professional and practical management theory, we give our clients the best in business management devoid of stress. A lot more businesses suffer from Brand ineffectual, knowing the key role Brand plays in the survival of every business, NewJobMag creates and maintains a commanding Brand for her clients, engages in promotional activities and social media optimization for her clients. NewJobMag are also using their publishing sector to reach as many people as possible with business and financial publications.
At NewJobMag, we genuinely want to see your business thrive. Backed by a community of experts, we facilitate an exceptional array of tools, information and services built just for you.


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